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How to Potentiate your Kratom powder?

How to Potentiate your Kratom powder?

Have you been using the Kratom powder for quite a long time? If yes, then you must have definitely searched for potentiators that could gradually amplify the effects and make it stay for a long period of time. Hence, you must have come to terms with the fact that a potent Kratom powder is the one that can be regarded as a better Kratom powder. If you have been an ardent follower of the Kratom community, then it is quite obvious that you must have come across various blogs where Kratom users thump their chests on the discovery of a new potentiator that produces long-lasting effects. It is true that Kratom works well with certain natural herbs and spices for that extra kick that stays on a user for a longer period of time. Here in this post, we discuss the organic ways by which you could potentiate your Kratom.


There is powerful strength in grapefruit due to which the enzymes present in them initiate a breakdown of Kratom effectively. Due to this process, Kratom tends to stay longer in the body since it has been broken down. The effectiveness of grapefruit to break down substances like Kratom is quite amazing. Even a glass of grapefruit juice would help you with the very same process. Also, some users like to consume Kratom powder with grapefruit juice for enduring effects. It is up to you to decide how you use this potentiator with your Kratom.


An Indian spice that is well suited for the body is a big favorite among the Kratom users who need a boost when they consume Kratom every time. This particular spice can help you save a lot of Kratom with long-lasting effects on your body.


Watercress is nothing but lettuce in the ultra-hydrated form for the production of significant effects. Lettuce, in fact, contains a powerful cocktail in its minerals which help Kratom dosage last longer than the normal ones though they don’t usually spike the effects.

Akuamma Seed

Though it is mostly not preferred by most Kratom users because of the size and the bitter taste, it is worth a try. These seeds are so big as the size of an adult’s thumbnail and it is also hard as a stone. You will have to withstand the bitter taste which is very hard. But as far as the effects are concerned, it is powerful than the normal dose, but they don’t last long. In my opinion, this will be the last option when it comes to potentiators that could be used with Kratom.

Cat’s Claw

With an odd name, this herb contains some of the alkaloids that can be seen in Kratom leaves. Due to this reason, the effects are quite stronger and longer lasting than the normal dosage.

Chamomile Tea

This is one of the favorite potentiators of Kratom users since it helps them to enhance the relaxation effects of Kratom. Being the most popular one out there, it is used by most users to lengthen the duration of the effects that the normal doses produce. If you are someone who prefers energy-related strains, then it is advised that you try a different potentiator since Chamomile tea serves only the purpose of relaxation.


This is rarely preferred by most users since it can lead to certain adverse effects on the body. However, this option has made it to the list due to an interesting fact that it holds with respect to tolerance levels. It is quite popular for lowering the tolerance levels than its potential to increase Kratom potency. However, you will have to be careful while using this potentiator, since you will have to pay more taxes than you intend to.

Cayenne Pepper

Without much knowledge on this option, I tried it out just to see what it does. The results were quite surprising. You can consume it by mixing it directly with your Kratom and water. However, use more water since it could be very spicy and hot. If you are a lover of spicy foods and your body has been used to it, then you can very well add water based on your preference. However, the effects were tremendous when it comes to potency but it did not last for a long time. Yes, Cayenne Pepper does spike Kratom effects but not with time.


There are many such herbs that could really work well with Kratom as a potentiator, However, these results are the ones based on personal research and you could very well opt for one that works better for you.

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