Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping and Return Policy

We always strive hard to keep improving the levels of customer service quality so that we create a brand of lifelong customers at Kratomship. We make all things possible under our strengths, so that you are subjected to an out of the world shopping experience, making us the only preferred choice for any of your Kratom requirements. All products are shipped safely in discrete packages to ensure a safe arrival at your doorstep. If you are not satisfied with the shipping service, then please contact us and we would love to work with you to sort out the issue. Also, each case will be handled in a different manner so that we win your satisfaction and exceed your expectations.

Initial Shipment

All initial orders placed with us will be delivered to the specified address upon background check and verification that it is valid. If the address is deemed to be invalid and the shipment returns in rare cases, then we would always contact the user immediately to sort out the issue as soon as possible.


From the time of order, it usually takes 24 hours for us to provide you with a tracking number. Upon receiving the tracking number, you will have to wait for another 24 hours for the number to get registered in the servers of USPS online. All orders that you intend to place with us can be tracked efficiently within your account that you might have created in order to purchase products from us.

Free Shipping

We tend to offer free shipping for all orders above the limit of 100$. Once your order exceeds that amount, the shipping charge will get deducted automatically during check-out.

Domestic Shipping

We stress on being aware on the State laws in your state that prohibit the import of Mitragyna. However, we also do not accept orders from these places – Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, Tennessee, Sarasota County – FL, San Diego – CA and Jerseyville – IL.

International Shipping

International orders are mostly shipped via USPS and they might take 5 to 10 business days for arrival at your doorstep. However, the import duty, taxes and charges are exclusive of the product cost and hence you will have to bear these expenses upon arrival. The costs will vary based on the destination and the weight. You are also needed to be aware of the State laws that you reside in; in addition to the knowledge on the countries to which we don’t ship our products. Some of those countries are Australia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Poland, Finland, Germany and South Korea. Please do conduct an extensive research on the legalities concerning the import process. Once the order has been placed, we cannot be held responsible for any custom seizures.

In cases of any customs seizure, the officials will provide you a letter which you will have to scan and send it to us for analysis. The only chance is that we might examine your land’s legal policies with respect to Mitragyna products, in order to see the light if there should be a possibility. If yes, we would write a response letter seeking the release of the seized products. The customer is liable to pay any additional fees or taxes for the products wholesale is strictly confined to ethno botanical purposes in the United States and other countries.

Return and Refund Policy

We do accept the return of our products only in cases of any damage or defect from our side. However, without any reason, we do not encourage any return since we will not be able to resell it. Though we are open to hear all your grave issues related to returns, your situation must meet our requirements for the same. Also, the refund process will be initiated within 15 days of product purchase. If not yet shipped, then you can mails us so that we could look after the issue. However, if it has been processed, we can’t promise anything for sure.

Missing and Damaged Items

If any of the products you ordered is missing or damaged, then please contact us so that we could send you the replacement without you having to bear any shipment costs. In case we believe a refund is what that will do justice to the situation, then we will perform the action manually to compensate for the amount of returned products.


We might take chargebacks very seriously and regard them to be fraud most of the times since most cases can be solved easily. It will in turn be taken into our full potential to expose the issue in front of the law so that the client is deemed under the no sell category.