About Us

At Kratomship, we strive at serving our esteemed clients by offering a wide range of strains and extracts. Having secured a position for ourselves as one of the leading providers of Mitragyna Speciosa, we offer superior grade Kratom products that have been subjected to top notch quality tests. We always make it a point that our clients receive the best product that is worth their money by all means. An impeccable service combined with fast delivery, professionalism, research and competitive pricing is our foremost motto in order to exceed the expectations of our customers. The professional and private sector that seeks high quality products for their research or any purpose, prefers our products for the fact that we organically source Kratom leaves from impeccable locations. We believe in consistency and tend to be reliable and trustworthy to our customers who expect only 100% service from us.

Our mission is to help the industry with top quality products that can be used in the fields of education and research in botany and biochemistry. We want to make it clear that we don’t sell products for any form human consumption or as an herbal medicine to treat ailments and disorders. Hence, we stick to our grounds by providing powders and extracts to institutions and individuals who conduct research on these products for a deeper understanding of this herb. We are highly trusted in our circles due to the fact that we play an important role by offering some of the rare products that are necessary for vital experiments.

The high quality products that we tend to offer are grown organically by following all botanical procedures that ensures a high purity content, rich alkaloids levels, packaged with top end technology to make sure that the product remains stable for a long time.
We believe in serving our customers to the fullest and hence our customer care professional are here to guide you through the process. In case of any queries or doubts, feel free to contacts us, since we place customer satisfaction above everything.