Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy that you get to see below has been compiled with precision to serve those people who are very much thoughtful about the use of their “Personally Identifiable Information” on our sites. PII is the information that can either be used on its own or with as a combination with other information in order to identify, locate and contact a specific individual under the US Privacy law and information security. Please read through the privacy policy for a clear picture on how the data is collected, used and protected if you tend to visit our website.

The Personal information we collect when someone visits our website, app and blog

When you tend to register as a user with our website, we collect data on your name, address, email, contact number, credit card and also other details to provide a seamless experience on our website.

When do we perform the action of data collection?

We collect data when you decide to register on our website as a user, subscribe to our newsletters, voice out your opinion on our survey or when you post any kind of information on our website.

How do we use the collected information?

We might collect information when you register on our site, subscribe to any of our newsletters, participate in a survey or if you surf our website for your own needs and this information that we collect can be used in a variety of ways as follows:

  • To personalize the user experience in great way so that you get to view content that you are most interested in.
  • To enhance the website in various ways for improvement.
  • To attend customer requests efficiently.
  • To process transactions instantly.
  • To deliver emails periodically for information on other products and services.
  • To take care of promotions, surveys and other features in the site.

Protection of visitor information

We scan our websites on a regular basis for any security loopholes and vulnerabilities so that you can access our site safely. Apart from the regular Malware scanning, your information is contained in secured servers which are only accessible by limited people who have specific rights and user keys to do the same. Otherwise, the whole information is kept confidential. In addition to this, SSL technology is used so that the information is encrypted through a secure gateway. A variety of security measures is in place to maintain the absolute safety of your personal information.

Do we use cookies on our website?

Yes, we do use certain small files called cookies that are sent to your system’s hard disk by the service provider for efficient data tracking. For example, with the help of cookies, we tend to recognize your system browser and hence enhance your experience on our site with the retained information. The remember me option that you could find on most sites is a result of these cookies. There are also two kinds of cookies that we use in our site for efficiency. Session cookies are the ones that stay on your computer as long as you are logged in to your account. They work based on your preferences to improve the site experience and quality. We also compile data on site traffic and the interaction in order to provide with better tools for our users. Hence we mainly use cookies for retaining your user information for the next time, help with the processing of orders, tracking advertisements and compiling aggregate data for providing better tools. However, you can always opt out of the use of cookies on your browser by clicking on a particular option. Each website is designed in a particular way to turn off cookies which you can find it in the settings of your browser. But by turning off cookies, you will not be able to experience certain features that will be disabled. However, it won’t affect the overall site experience, though some functions might not work properly.

Third Party Disclosure

We do not trade, sell or initiate a transfer of the PII to other outside sites or parties without any advance notice. This area doesn’t cover the website hosting partners and other websites who helps us with the operation of our sites, who have signed an agreement to protect your information at any cost. We might release your information if we believe it is right to do so in order to comply with the state laws, for the protection of our rights and for the safety of other users. However, certain information that is non-personally identifiable might be transferred to other parties for other uses.

Third Party Links

We do not entertain any third party links, products or services on our site.

Google Ads

We do use a third party vendor like Google to post ads on our websites. However, the requirements and policies are solely based on the Google’s Advertising principles. Google uses DART cookies to post ads on the site based on the user visit and the preferences. You can always opt out of this by clicking on the Google Network Privacy Policy. Apart from the Ads, we use Google as the third party vendor for analytics like demographics in order to improve the business by analyzing the site traffic with the use of first and third party cookies. However, you can opt out from the usage of these cookies anytime.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act

According to this act, we do not endorse our services to children below the age of 13 by putting the parents in complete control. It provides insights on what operators of sites must do to ensure the safety and protection of children below the stipulated age.

California Online Privacy Protection Act

This is the first State law that was introduced so that all commercial websites follow a privacy policy and make it public so that any user visiting the website from California or any parts of the United States of America is ware how the information is obtained, used and protected by the commercial websites.

Based on the policies of this Act, we comprehend to the following:

Users can visit this website anonymously and look for the privacy policy on the homepage which will be posted by us on the creation of such policies. We also tend to add a link on the site for the detailed viewing of our Privacy Policy. Users will be informed on time in cases of any changes in the privacy policy. Also, the users can change their personal information like user name and email at any point of time by emailing us on the same. We also do not track any signals or inculcate cookies for our personal benefits and also prohibit the behavioral tracking from any third party sites or parties.

The Practice of Fair Information

The use of Fair Information is the core of privacy law in the United States of America, which has helped a lot in the protection data laws all around the globe. Understanding this principle is crucial for complying with various laws in order to protect user information. In case of any breach of personal data, the users will be notified within a week that extends to the right of individuals to legally sue the data processors and collectors for the non-compliance with the law. Individuals also enjoy the privilege of recourse to the courts or any government agencies on the failure of the data collectors to adhere to the court of law.

CAN Spam Act

This Act sets the table for commercial emails; the requirements and also the individual right to stop emails received by them and send across penalties in any cases of violation.

We collect email address only to send information, process orders, send additional information on the products and also for the purpose of marketing in the future. Hence, in order to comply with the CANSPAM Act, we tend to agree to these points.

  1. Include the address of our business headquarters.
  2. Enable users to unsubscribe to the mails at any time.
  3. Against the use of any false subjects or email ids.
  4. Facilitate the unsubscribe requests instantly.
  5. At any point of time, if you wish to unsubscribe from being at the receiving end of our emails, you can send us a mail following all the instructions and we would instantly process your request and remove you from all interaction.

Contact Us

In case of any queries related to the privacy policy, you can contact us any time to get your doubts cleared on the same.