Terms and Conditions


By accessing this website, you are liable to agree to the terms and conditions that the customers must be above the age of 18. Upon disagreement, you can very well exit the site and even dismiss the information contained on this site. Kratomship, in its capability can always edit or change this document in sections or on the whole, without issuing any notice at your disposal. Hence, you are advised to visit this page regularly before you tend to use the services of this site and also understand the terms based on which you can use the services on the site. By using this site, you do not have a free hand to modify, distribute, alter, transmit, reproduce, publish or transfer any information or services you had experienced on this website. However, you do have the rights to print or display the contained information on our site for your personal or non-commercial use as long as you do not infringe the copyright policies. Any other use of the contained information is strictly prohibited without a prior written notice. The information presented on this site can’t be taken for granted as any medical advice. Also, the information furnished on this site must not be taken as guidance for any cure of diagnosis without the approval of a qualified medical practitioner. Kratomship has the sole rights to correct any errors in the information and also can’t be held responsible for these errors. Certain information and the availability of the services might be changed accordingly without any prior notice to the users. The content displayed on the site is for the purpose of information only and can’t be taken as a piece of advice and relied upon without the approval of the medical doctor.

You agree to not hold Kratomship or the affiliates, officers, partners, agents, employees and most people associated with the website responsible for any claims and problems arising out of your actions due to the information you post, connection you hold with the third parties and also in cases of violation of our service policies. Under that regard, you will have to compensate on any charges incurred. This website is available to the public users all through the year, operating 24 hours a day. But Kratomship possesses the rights make this website unavailable at any point of time for maintenance or any other purposes. By agreeing to this policy, you cannot hole the site responsible for any losses incurred due to the uninformed suspension or termination of the website for any length of time. Upon the acceptance to the presented terms and conditions, you can access the website only for your personal use. Any information or comment that is obscene, derogatory, abusive, illegal, racist and objectionable is prohibited from being uploaded or displayed on the website. It might be considered as a violation of the law. Except for the personally identifiable information that we collect, other data such as the comments, remarks, suggestions, and ideas are considered as the absolute property of Kratomship, under which you also agree to provide a royalty free status to the domain of Kratomship to use or reproduce the information. Kratomship is free to publish, display or use the information for any purposes for which it is not intended to provide you with any compensation or share.

The products listed on the site are intended only for the botanical research purposes. Upon the purchase of any items from the site, the customer is liable to be aware of the risks involved in the process of consumption and distribution of the products obtained from our website. The use of products as additives, food, cosmetics and for other inappropriate uses is strictly prohibited. All customers, through the release of their reviews must be aware of the Government regulations regarding the product and also the health and safety hazards linked with the products. However, the site reserves the right to deny the products to any unqualified users, who according to us might pose any problems through misuse.

All customers are expected to be above the age of 18 years to purchase the products from our website. Also, the customers can’t hold Kratomship responsible for any damages caused due to any form of negligence. The purchaser also singles us out from any claims, problems, losses and liabilities that arise due to the wrongful use of the products alone or in combination with other substances.
Purchasers need to understand the fact that the products listed on this website are solely maintained only for research purposes and cannot be used for any other purposes even extending beyond the diagnostic use, food products and medical apparatus. The purchaser also tends to agree that the products have not subjected to any forms of testing or sterilization by Kratomship for safety or any other commercial use. The purchaser also agrees not to adulterate any of the products bought under our site or misbrand the items by violating the Food and Drug Act. The purchaser realizes through these terms that the products might not get listed under the Toxic Substances Control Act since the sale is intended only for the purpose of research.

Purchaser can very well verify the risks and even initiate a research on the hazards involved with the use of the products obtained from Kratomship. However, no user can claim these products to be foods, drugs and cosmetics at any point of time. Kratomship is strictly against the use of these products for human consumption or recreation purposes and also can’t be held responsible for the damages caused due to abuse, negligence or any unforeseen situation.

The terms and conditions stated here expose the complete agreement between Kratomship and you, regarding the use of the services on the website and the replacement of any understandings or agreements stand valid only upon modification with respect to the written content by Kratomship in conformity with these above stated terms and conditions.